Why is important to take Before and After pictures?

Why is important to take Before and After pictures?

One great way to track your progress with your weight loss program is to take before and after photos. As much as you might hate the thought of getting your picture taken, the differences you will see can motivate you to even higher weight loss goals. And those “before” photos can be a huge wake-up call!

Before You Get Started

  • Take your measurements the morning of the photo shoot, or the day before. Don’t go with measurements that are more than a week old. At the very least, weigh yourself and take measurements of your thighs, hips and waist. For more details, measure even more spots, such as calf, chest, biceps, etc. I highly recommend taking your body fat percentage.
  • Pick an uncluttered spot for your photo shoot, either in front of a wall or in front of a door.
  • Men take off your shirt and wear shorts; ladies, wear a sports bra and shorts or a bikini. You want to be able to see your waist, belly, thighs.
  • Take the photo in portrait mode instead of landscape. You’ll want to see yourself from head to toes, close enough to see some details.
  • If you can get someone to take the shots, great! If not, use a timer — and a tripod, if you have one. I find 10 seconds is just enough time to get into place.
  • Look straight ahead, and smile if you want. But don’t cheat by sucking in your gut.

Ask me for more if you need more information.


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