how to loose weight quickly without yo-yo effect! 15 Tips inside

15 Tips For Rapid Fat-Loss for life

1) Protein Satisfies Your Hunger Craving: The best way to suppress your hunger is by eating
more protein. High protein foods are not only fairly low in calories, but they are also effective at
keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time.
2) Fiber Makes You Thin: If you want to lose weight, you must eat fiber! You should consume 30
-50 grams of fiber per day. Fiber is also a great way to suppress your hunger and keep you full
longer. It’s plays a vital part in keeping your digestive system healthy as well. If you’re not getting
enough fiber from all the vegetables and fruits, you can use fiber supplements to meet your daily
3) Keep Your Meals Simple: Pick three or four of your favorite healthy meals and repeat them until
you get tired of them and then switch it up. The most successful dieters eat the same few meals
over and over again.
4) Make Better Choices When Eating Out: If you eat out, keep in mind that almost all restaurants
can give you a salad or vegetables in place of chips or potatoes. Remember, consuming
refined carbs is a sure way to halt your weight loss. You can enjoy eating out, just watch your
refined carb intake.
5) Avoid Emotional Eating: If you know that you are an emotional eater, when you feel hungry drink
a large glass of water first and wait 5 minutes. Often your hunger will subside if it’s triggered
by emotion and not your stomach. If you’re still hungry afterwards, then you can eat.
6) Eat Slow: Take your time eating. Chew well and really enjoy the food. If you’re still hungry after
finishing your meal, wait 20 minutes. That’s about how long it takes before your stomach can tell
your brain that you’ve eaten. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you feel after waiting a little bit.
Keep in mind that your goal is to feel satisfied and not full after each meal.
7) Take a Fiber Supplement To Avoid Late Night Snacking: Drinking a glass of water with a fibre
supplement will fill you up and keep you full, so you don’t indulge in any late night snacking that
can ruin your hard earned body!
8) Make Shopping List: Be prepared and buy only food from the list! Do you shopping weekly with just few things like salad and some veg and fruits to replenish your stock within the week with fresh ones. Don’t shop when you hungry as this will make you buy food you should avoid. Know you shop and avoid isles that are mostly jam-packed with processed and refined foods so steer clear! Follow simply role: if it’s not on the list don’t buy it.
9) If It Comes In a Box, Don’t Buy It: Generally speaking, most foods that come in a box are likely
loaded with preservatives and are full of refined carbs (e.g. wheat flour, barley flour,
etc…) as you will see on their labels. Remember, the healthiest foods don’t have labels!
10) Always Be Prepared: There are going to be times where you get hungry and aren’t able to find
a healthy meal. Keep a small snack on hand at all times for these situations. For example, carry
a small bag of nuts and some fresh vegetables or fruits.
11) Stay Away From High-Calorie “Health” Bars: Most so-called health bars are sugar-loaded and
should be classified as overpriced glorified junk-food!
12) Don’t Have An “All or Nothing” Attitude: Its unrealistic to think that you’re going to eat well
100% of the time, so don’t punish yourself. If you can eat well 90% of the time, you’ll have great
13) Shop, Stock Up & Prepare Food For The Week: Pick one day a week to shop and prepare as
much food as possible for the upcoming week. Wash all fruits and vegetables and store them in
an air tight containers so you have easy access to them anytime you’re hungry. Pre-cook enough
proteins (fish, seafood, poultry) and freeze them so they’ll be ready for any meal.
14) Keep a Food Diary: Most people grossly underestimate how much they eat. In the beginning,
its really important that you keep track of your daily intake of calories, protein, fat, and carbs so
you know whether or not you’re staying on target. Overtime, you’ll become accustom to your
needs and won’t need to keep a log.
15) Clean Out The Cupboards & Fridge: Get rid of the bad stuff! Having junk food around the
house will only make temptations worse and is a recipe for failure. Leave yourself no choice but
to eat healthy, nutritious food!

You can start with project 10Challenge where you are offered two proteins meal with vitamins and minerals so that it is easier to plan one healthy meal a day and slowly extend to three healthy meals with healthy snacks!
Stay Fit B


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