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6 Simple Questions People Always Ask When You’re On The Challenge

There are probably at least a few people in your life who are curious about you. Maybe it’s because you have some stellar skills they want to learn. Or, maybe it’s because you’re such an awesome person, they want to become just like you—or better. Then again, maybe they’re just naturally nosey.

Curious people typically ask questions. And if you’re on the PROJECT 10 Challenge, we’re willing to bet others will notice your transformation and wonder where it came from. Here are six simple questions people will likely ask when you’re on The Challenge… and some ways you can answer them.

1.       Wow, did you lose weight?

You secretly love when people ask this, as it implies that you look great. Or at least better. This question gives you permission to respond with, “Yes, I most certainly did. By the way, it was so easy and fun.” You can then offer your own question, “Want to know how I did it?”

2.       Bro, did you stop drinking?

This question is a different take on the previous question and is typically asked by another Bro. It’s still a compliment. Your answer can be creative. “Actually, I’m drinking quite a lot—I’m slamming my Vi-Shape® shakes one or two times a day.” This might just inspire a follow-up question from the Bro. “Oh really, what’s in THAT shake?”

3.       You join the gym?

If you’ve lost weight or built muscle on The Challenge, your results may prompt others to mentally visualize you at the gym. And whether your answer is “yes” or “no,” you can still confidently answer, “I joined a lifestyle.”

4.       What’s up with all the selfies?

Some of you have become quite skillful being both a photographer and the subject of the picture—at the same time. It’s known as the selfie and typically includes some portion of your arm. The person asking this has probably noticed your selfies on a social networking website and is inspired, annoyed or jealous. It’s all good. Your results have their attention.  And so, your answer can be, “I went public with my goal, and now look at the strong social support I have. Let me tell you about all the people who are inspired by seeing my results.”

5.       Are you doing this forever?

We’re taught to insert periods (.) at the end of sentences, and so it might be instinctual for people to add a period to the duration of your habit changes. For example, consider the following conversation:

Person 1: “I’ve decided to give up coffee.”

Person 2: “Really?! How many days are you going to do THAT?!”

When somebody asks you how long you’ll be on The Challenge, your answer will be simple: “90 Days at a time. Over and over again.”

6.       You’re Challenging me… to do WHAT?

You may have heard (and said!) by now: “I Challenge You.” There is much power behind these three words, as you can use them to inspire, focus, direct or support others to set goals and achieve them. Already over 123,000 people have been Challenged to take on the PROJECT 10 Challenge since Jan. 1, 2014. What is particularly fun about this is that there are no limits. No end-punctuation to the quantity of adventures. And so, be specific and Challenge them to take on the PROJECT 10 Challenge—and get creative with those goals. Diversify. Build on each one. Involve a group of people. Maybe even get ambitiously crazy once in a while.

Whether you like it or not (and we really think you like it), people will start noticing your results on The Challenge. It might be that you started wearing a belt. Or, you “accidentally” flexed a bicep. Maybe you walk faster or smile bigger. Just know that the longer you are on The Challenge, the more people will notice, which means the more questions you will be asked. Be sure to welcome all those questions—because you now have the right answers.

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Stay Fit

Beata Korzeniowska


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