Reason You’re NOT Burning Fat

You’re not doing the right exercises that really boost your metabolism and put you into Afterburn.

Afterburn? What’s that?

All exercises are not created equally.

In fact what you probably didn’t know is that some exercise and workout programs can literally double and, in fact, triple your fat burning capability for as much as 36 hours straight.

But you’re likely still working out the old fashioned away. You’re either going on long jogs several times per week, or maybe you’re heading to the gym where you hop on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine for 30 to 60 minutes at a time at your “target heart rate.”

Guess what? You’re wasting your time. There’s no such thing as a target heart rate or “fat burn” training zone.

There’s no hidden mechanism in your body that knows when you’re in your target heart rate zone and magically starts burning fat. Those charts that you see on the cardio machines are from the 1940’s – totally outdated.

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all along.

Jogging… biking… treadmills are all steady state cardio and a total waste of time. And any time that you keep your heart rate steady, even if it’s elevated, your body is still going to attempt to adapt to it and ultimately give you diminishing results…

…which is why your workouts have gotten stale and have stopped producing results, right?

Friend, steady state cardio does not work. That’s a fact and it’s been proven by science time and time again. High Intensity Interval Training on the other hand is a whole other animal. Short bursts of intense workouts that spike your heart rate up and down – it’s called HITT (high intensity interval training), it works to melt fat off your body – and fast, but that’s only half of it.

See, when you’re doing the cardio machines you’re ONLY burning calories while you’re working out on that treadmill or bike.

Yeah, but isn’t that what I want?

No. You want to burn fat while you’re exercising AND even afterwards, when you’re not working out.

And you can… BUT only if you blast your body into Afterburn during your workout using HITT style workouts so that you can keep burning fat and keep your metabolism on overdrive for up to 36 hours post exercise.

This is extreme fat loss at it’s best!

Yeah, but I lift weights, too.

That’s great, but even if you lift weights and then follow it up with cardio, you’re still only getting a small fraction of the benefits that you could be getting in less than half the time because like most people you’re probably still following along a given set, rep, and weight combo – and then following that up with steady state cardio.

That’s still not a good way to get maximum fat burn and the athletic body that you want.

New research has proven the science behind Afterburn. You may have heard of HIIT, also known as High Intensity Interval Training. The goal with HIIT is to create EPOC or Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption; (informally called Afterburn) and defined by Wikipedia as; a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body’s “oxygen deficit.”

In other words, the right combination of exercises at the right level intensity = massive fat burn for a PROLONGED period of time… up to 36 hours of increased and elevated metabolism.

So don’t spend hours on treadmill or any machine or jogging outside if your goal is to maximise fat loss;)

20min of high intensity workout per day us enough to spear up your metabolism and maximise fat loss!!

That’s why I created an extreme fat burning workout program that covers all the bases…

• The workouts are short – but very intense- You’re going to increase lactic acid build up, naturally boost growth hormone levels, and you’ll increase your testosterone output (your muscle sparing and fat burning hormone)

• Every “follow along” workout I put you through will only take 20 minutes or less to make sure that cortisol levels stay low so that you don’t waste an ounce of muscle.

• And last but not least… these exercises and workouts are anything but boring.

In fact I can promise you that every workout program that you go through is going to be brand new, challenging, and something that you’ve never done before. And that’s why you’re going to go into extreme fat burn mode!


And along with exercises is diet;)))
There is one very important rule:


I’m a great promotor of healthy food that will include the best of the best… row fruits and vegetables to maximise your nutrition, vitamins and minerals intake. Including SUPERFOOD!!! And balanced diet for all day energy and immune system boost!

BUT I found something that will help you to double the speed of fat loss!!!

That provide healthy meals with all vitamins and minerals you need and as no sugar is added so low calories meals.

The fat loss is inevitable !!!

Join millions of successful people;)

You have nothing to lose just weight;)))

Stay fit
Body Transformation Expert


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