Vi Germany’s Youngest Regional Director on What it Means to Have NO EXCUSES!

By ViSalus
When Lucas Hoffmann first heard of Vi in North America, he felt like the Vi system would make all the difference in his life. As soon as Vi pre-launched in Germany, Lucas was excited and determined to take part in Challenging the World.

With the money he got for Christmas and some of his savings, Lucas went to the Influencer Summit where he met Vi Co-Founder and Global Ambassador Nick Sarnicola. Nick was so charismatic and convincing that Lucas spent all of his savings for an Executive Promoter System, and accepted The Challenge.

Inspired by Nick Sarnicola and IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Champion and Regional Director Daniel Hill, Lucas—at only 18 years old—quickly became Germany’s youngest Regional Director. He earned his BMW… and he didn’t even have his driver’s license yet!

Lucas has always been very active and interested in helping people lead healthy lifestyles, but he knew that many health and fitness programs were too complicated and time-consuming.

However, he felt that The Challenge was something everyone could do, and tried it out for himself. He took on his first Challenge with the goal to become fit and more active. He soon built 10 lbs. of lean muscle, which made it even easier to show his results to his Customers.

Being Germany’s youngest Regional Director might seem daunting to some, but not for Lucas. Even with all the exams he had to take for his High School Diploma, Lucas always kept his mantra in mind: ‘NO EXCUSES’. He simply just went for it.

Now he Challenges you to do the same!

Join vi:

Vi Independent Promoters achieve incomes and lifestyles across a wide spectrum. Examples featured in marketing materials are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some examples are those of persons within the top 1% of all Promoters. As with any lifestyle opportunity, financial success with Vi depends largely on individual skills, motivation and effort.



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