You can only win with Vi!

Challenge Champion McKenna Jolly: Celebrating Victories through Vi

By ViSalus @visalus

You hear time and again of the many ways that Vi changes lives. For McKenna Jolly, Vi opened the doors that led to her victories…yes, victories—plural.

That’s because before McKenna became a 2014 Active/Fitness Challenge Champion, she also became a martial arts world champion (in the National Blackbelt League World Games)…thanks to a sponsorship from Vi.

“Our family had a lot of financial challenges at one point…So I didn’t end up having the funds to go to NY, which is where the world games were held,” said McKenna. Through Vi’s sponsorship, she received a free Challenge Kit and Vi-Gear.

“I went there and won my world title with Vi on my back,” said McKenna, who competed in a uniform with The Challenge logo printed on the back.

With that win under her belt (pun intended), McKenna went on to become a Challenge Champion at NST Louisville.

“It’s absolutely surreal…It’s such a blessing to be up there and to have the support from the crowd,” McKenna reflected on her victory at NST.

“I took on The Challenge just before going to the world games. All I did was I added the [Vi-Shape®] shakes to my lifestyle. Just by replacing my breakfast with a shake, and adding a shake after my workout in the evening, I put on 6 lbs. of muscle in a month,” McKenna explained.

Today, McKenna has lost a total of 15 lbs. and built 10 lbs. of lean muscles!

To find out more about the challenge or join us – message me or call 07961267071

Stay Fit Beata



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