New ViSalus Ambassador Marco Passanante Leads New Generation of European Expansion

By ViSalus @visalus

Industry leader is the second to achieve leadership rank in Vi’s growing Germany and Austria markets

Only weeks after their Vi Germany and Vi Austria pre-launch event in Frankfurt, ViSalus announces their second Ambassador in the German market, Berlin’s Marco Passanante—a successful European entrepreneur who started promoting Vi’s PROJECT 10™ Challenge in June 2014 and has already achieved the prestigious leadership rank.

Throughout the past five years, Marco was a top earner in Europe’s network marketing industry, a journey that brought him to new opportunities to impact lives with Vi, including the chance to work with Vi Co-Founder and Global Ambassador Nick Sarnicola.

“I was drawn to Nick’s leadership and the company’s mission and how they helped children through PROJECT 10 Kids,” said Marco. “The idea that I could be a part of transforming thousands of people not only financially but also physically really resonated with me.”

The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle was engrained into Marco in his youth. “I grew up as an athlete—a soccer goalkeeper,” he said. “I learned about how to eat right, how to sacrifice, and how to pursue your passions with tremendous hard work. Vi gives me the opportunity to teach others all that.”

Now, as a 31-year-old, it was this strong work ethic that helped Marco become a Vi Ambassador just months after joining the company. “I basically had to build my team from scratch since my markets in my former company were closed to 90% of my people,” he said. “I started with a few leaders who had not yet had a lot of industry success, and so we knew it would take super hard work to get there. From the moment I woke up to the moment before bed, I was making thousands of calls and trying to lead by example. Nick’s guidance had a huge impact on me in building my team and teaching me leadership strategies; I learned from him the importance of always being laser focused.”

That focus has already led to Marco creating three National Directors and 15 BMW qualifiers on his team. When asked what achieving the Ambassador rank means to him, Marco said: “I’m really excited, of course. It also reminds me that failure isn’t an option. Normal people do their best, but successful people do whatever it takes. And, I am so passionate about building our Germany and Austria markets (and future ones!), but also continuing to grow the UK and USA markets as well.”

With his next goal of becoming a 5-Star Ambassador by the end of March 2015, Marco already knows his path will involve much work, perseverance and traveling. This September, for example, he will be traveling to Houston, Texas to attend Vi’s international event, Vitality.

“Vitality will be the first huge event experience for my team—it will be a grand slam in terms of us really experiencing Vi leadership and culture all at one time,” said Marco. “I was made for this industry, and I’ve been very successful in it for a long time, but throughout it all, I’ve held onto my values and my integrity. I have a heart for helping people, and Vi’s culture fits me 100 percent. I truly feel that Vi is my home.”

P.S. Looking forward to my holiday next week! Two weeks in Egypt!!! Paid by Visalus!!!!!!



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