Impossible does not exist! You need a good WHY!

Challenge Champion Kelvin Santana’s Weight-Loss Journey… in his Own Words

By ViSalus @visalus

Many of you may be familiar with Weight-Loss Champion Kelvin Santana’s heartbreaking story of how he realized he had to Challenge himself (and change his lifestyle)… for himself and his family.

“When I found out about ViSalus, it was right after I had an incident with my daughter,” Kelvin explains. “It was in that moment I realized the condition I was in—I was not going to be a good father for her. At least not physically and health wise, and who knows where I might be down the road.”

So when Kelvin accepted his Challenge Champion trophy and $5,000 check on stage, he made a moving tribute to his daughter, saying, “Baby, this is for you. Remember this. I did this for you. Any time you fall, I’m going to be there,” Kelvin said over the crowd’s cheers.

Kelvin, whose 117-lb. weight loss on the PROJECT 10™ Challenge has inspired him to make it into a lifestyle, has also inspired his supporters. “By me doing this journey, a lot of them have told me that I inspired them to actually want to change their health. That to me means more than anything,” Kelvin admitted.

Video Player by Kaltura

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