HAPPY 2015!!!

The Boarding on Flight ✈ 2015 has been announced……. Your luggage πŸ’Ό should only contain the best souvenirs from 2014….. The bad and sad πŸ˜” moments should be left in the garbage…….
The duration of the flight will be 12 months.
So, tighten your seatbelt πŸ’Ί
The next stop-overs will be :Health, LoveπŸ’, Joy, Harmony, well-being and Peace ✌. The captain offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight…….
A Cocktail 🍸 of Friendship
A Supreme of Health
A Gratin of Prosperity
A Bowl 🍜 of Excellent News πŸ“°
A salad of Success
A Cake πŸŽ‚ of Happiness
All accompanied by bursts of laughter……
Wishing you and your family πŸ‘ͺ an enjoyable trip on board flight ✈ 2015…..🌟πŸ’₯✨πŸ’₯🌟


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