Vi model competition for 2015 is open now!

Yes it is the time again where thousands of people around the world compete in Vi champion competition!
There are many categories you can compete after your 90 days challenge and win £3000;)))
Female weight loss
Male weight loss
Female active fitness
Male active fitness
Female Vi model
Male vi model

See Gabir Mocsan and read his Challenge Story

Hi All,

When I took the challenge, I was a hairy guy. I shaved it off so I can see the progress. That was when it hit me! I looked into the mirror and I could not believe how average I looked.

I knew I had some extra on me to loose, but this was a shock. That was the moment when I decided that I don’t ever want to see this average guy in the mirror again, whatever it takes I get that 6 pack and myself into shape!

I digged up my P90X2 DVDs, after 3 weeks I started to see results. I was doing it every day beside full time job. I switched from P9X2 on day 70 to Insanity. I done the full 60 days workout with great results from my Shape Kit.

My dream is to become the ViModell for Ireland, to be on the front cover of the ViSalus Challenge Magazine and I keep going ever day till I get there! You can see on my FB page what I do to achieve that.

Now I’m asking your help to make my dream real and vote for me on Sunday to become ViModel for Ireland.

I thank you for your help and support!



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