“The Challenge Brought Us Closer as a Famil

Challenge Champions Ken & Jennifer Smith: “The Challenge Brought Us Closer as a Family”

Meet Ken and Jennifer Smith.

They didn’t have time to get healthy. They were, well, busy. Jennifer was focused on raising their three children. Ken, a police officer, was daily fighting crime. But then a photo posted on Facebook changed everything.

“I had gained 80 pounds after my kids were born, but I didn’t really recognize that until I literally saw it on a picture on Facebook,” says Jennifer. “I thought, ‘holy moly…I am fat!’” And so she instantly decided to start The Challenge.

Ken, on the other hand, needed more convincing to start his own weight-loss journey. “I realized that when I tried to run a race and struggled to get up the mountain, I needed to transform my life,” says Ken.

In the next 90 days, he lost 30 lbs.

Today, a healthier, more energetic Ken and Jennifer run together.

“It’s brought us closer,” says Jennifer. “We’re in the gym every day, and it’s exciting to see our children follow in our footsteps and make healthy decisions.”

Their transformations led to a defining moment for the couple on the national Vitality event stage. They were crowned Vi Challenge Champions in the Couple Active/Fitness category.

“I was totally in shock when they announced our names,” says Jennifer. “I mean, I was just happy I was there, and I was prepared for somebody else to win and to cheer them on. When they said our names, I almost jumped through the roof!”

The couple’s ‘Why’ motivates them.

“My ‘Why’ is my kids, my wife, and my job,” says Ken. “As a police officer, I need to be in top physical shape. How can I protect others if I can’t protect myself? I want to be an example to the community.”

Jennifer’s ‘Why’ is her family.

“There are days when I don’t want to go to the gym,” she says. “But, my kids know that I need to be there and give me a hard time if I don’t go—my 6-yr-old child keeps me in check. Ken is my #1 cheerleader, and I am his backbone. We are a tough-love family. We all drive each other. And I feel I’m a better mom because of it.”

The couple plans to do more mud races together and to continue living healthy lifestyles.

In the meantime, Jennifer can perfectly sum up their Challenge success story…

“We were the stereotypical American family: stressed mother and fulltime working father. We didn’t have quality time for family and health. But, The Challenge brought us closer together; it literally transformed our relationship. It’s that stronger family bond that has increased our well-being and happiness, and now we’re able to challenge and help others.”

To join the challenge go to http://www.ptwithb.bodybyvi.com
Or message me;)

Stay fit B



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