How to fight diabetes, obesity, stress…!!! Highly recommended!!!

There are so many documentaries about healthy food. This is one of my favourites 😉
It’s about self-healing and how we can help our body to fight any diseases!

It’s MUST watch with whole family !!!

Row Food Documentary.

Highly recommended for those who look for health and longevity


Before and after pictures ….

Amazing transformations by people that with one decision about joining project 10 challenge by Vi change their life forever;)

It takes ably 3months on the challenge and you lose 2 stones!!!! 12kg!!!

Is it worth it for you to try???





ViSalus spending over $100 Million on its promoters! Join now!

Over $100 Million Worth of Free Challenge Kits Awarded as Vi Challenges the World

Over $100 Million Worth of Free Challenge Kits Awarded as Vi Challenges the World

By ViSalus @visalus

Vi is closing out the year on a high note: We’ve officially awarded over $100 million worth of free Challenge Kits through 3 For FREE since its launch in 2009! This just goes to show how many of you in the Vi Community are successfully Challenging others around the world. Thanks to you, we can add this milestone to our list of Vi Victories in 2014.

For those of you not familiar with 3 For FREE, it’s a rewards program that gives you a Challenge Kit for free when you help three Customers get on a Challenge Kit of equal or greater value to your own.

Help us give away even more free Kits next year. Challenge on!!

Vi also donate healthy meals to charities that help children fight obesity.! It is easy … Every time you lose 10lbs Vi make a donation… Of 90 healthy meals!!!!
You help others by helping yourself;) how wonderful !

To get more info go to

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Stay healthy and fit B


It’s the one protein shake that actually tastes good.” – Britney Spears

As Seen in Women’s Health Magazine: “It’s the one protein shake that actually tastes good.” – Britney Spears

By ViSalus @visalus

In the January/February 2015 Issue of Women’s Health Magazine, the pop star shares her two-week workout journal where she gives Vi a shout-out in the form of our Vi-Shape® Shake!

Here are the details:

“Britney tells us she sips a blend of milk, ice, and ViSalus shake mix before workouts: ‘It’s the one protein shake that actually tastes good,’ she says.”

In my opinion this shake not only taste great (and I taste a lot of different ones) but also is the only one that has NO SUGAR added!!!

And there is no doubt that SUGAR make us fat!!! And not only…

Try it yourself!!!

Beata Korzeniowska

Advanced Personal Trainer
Weight Lose Expert



Would you like to hear this one day from your child?

Challenge Champion Matt Adams Rewarded by Young Son’s Words: “I’m Proud of You, Dada.”

By ViSalus @visalus

The photo Matt Adams recently took of his empty wardrobe reminds him of what he accomplished: losing 91 lbs. And that significant weight loss meant Matt could donate his clothes and purchase new ones that fit. Of course, he didn’t mind the extra expense. After all, losing that weight had helped him win the title of ViSalus’ Male Weight-Loss Challenge Champion at the company’s international event, Vitality 2014.

MattFamilyBut Matt’s ultimate reward came after telling his family he had just been crowned on stage, and hearing his 2-year-old son, Cooper tell him, “I’m proud of you, Dada.”

Cooper was Matt’s ‘Why’…his inspiration. And, his example.

“My son had a very difficult time entering this world, and he struggled for five weeks after birth,” says Matt. “I saw him fight… and I knew I needed to fight for my health. I learned from him.”

So when his friend, Danielle challenged Matt to lose weight, he accepted The Challenge.

“Physical fitness had become a struggle for me,” he says. “I had tried to be physically active, but I had low self-esteem. I mean, I got out of breath just walking around. What was especially concerning to me was that I couldn’t bend down to wash my boy in the bathtub. I realized I would have to work hard to become the best version of myself for me—and my son.”

MattphotoMatt, currently working as a child and youth worker in Ontario, Canada, not only started eating better, but he also began exercising.

“Before The Challenge, I couldn’t even do a chin-up,” says Matt. “I can do two sets of five now. Every day, I’m moving and improving my flexibility. I now take my son through the playground maze, rather than just watching him do it. I do push-ups, and my son sees me as a role model… and wants to do push-ups too.”

Matt’s experience on the Vitality stage in front of thousands brought a whirlwind of emotions.

“When they announced my name, emotion came straight up through my feet,” he says. “Fear was all gone. It transformed me. And, I even won $6,000 just for losing weight!!! Afterwards, people approached me and shared how much my transformation had inspired them. I told my story to an Olympian, and he even thought my story was profound.”

Wanting to create a healthy lifestyle for himself, Matt has no intention of stopping his Challenge journey. In fact…

“I plan to be the next Vi Model,” he says, “and I’m encouraged every day by the support of my wife, Donna, and the goal of continually becoming the better version of me. I want to always show my son how the seemingly impossible can become the possible.”


Konnyaku – Miracle noodles and rice -5cal only!

Free from gluten, free from soy, cholesterol free, suitable for vegan and only 5cal (1 portion, 200g)
High in fibre!!!

Konjac (Konnyaku) is a plant growing in Asia and known for many years for its great health benefits including weight lose.

The dried corm of the konjac plant contains around 40% glucomannan gum. This polysaccharide makes konjac jelly highly viscous and may be responsible for many of its health benefits as used in traditional Chinese medicine, detoxification, tumour-suppression, blood stasis alleviation and phlegm liquefaction.

Konjac has almost no calories, but is very high in fiber. Thus, it is often used as a diet food. The dietary fiber from the root of Amorphophallus konjac is used as a component of weight loss supplements.
Konjac supplementation at modest levels has been shown to promote increased butyric acid through improved bowel flora ecology and increase bowel movements in constipated adults.

Vegan friendly alternative!
Konjac root powder is used as an ingredient in vegan alternative seafood products. It can be incorporated into animal-product-free versions of scallops, fish, prawns, crab, shrimp etc.

Look for it online…
I purchase it online through e-bay
Will post on my FB how was it;)

Bone appetite;)

Stay fit Bx


Are you ready to earn big numbers? Not everyone is! …

Vi 3-Star Ambassador & New $1 Million Lifetime Earner Neil Bellville: “It’s always too early to quit.”

By ViSalus @visalus

Perhaps just as strong as Neil Bellville’s ‘Why’ is his favorite saying: “It’s always too early to quit.” It’s a powerful motivational force that has led this 3-Star Ambassador to achieve over $1 million in lifetime earnings with Vi.

We asked Neil about his success, and how his story embodies each of the three Vi Foundational Pillars of Life, Health & Prosperity.

On Prosperity

To put things in perspective, what took Neil 14 years to make a little over a million in the industry took him just four years to make a million with Vi. He credits his success to his passionate team dedicated to Challenging the World… 10 lbs. at a Time.

“I was taught a long time ago that it takes teamwork to make dream work,” said Neil. In fact, he values his team so much that helping them achieve their goals is way more important than his.

He also believes in Vi events and the impact they’ve had on his life and business—whether it’s on a local, regional or national level. “I do not miss an event, period. It’s the #1 belief-building tool that we can have. It’s filled with positive energy from likeminded people. There’s nothing else that will build the belief tank like an event.”

On Life

And when it comes to how Vi has changed his life, Neil also said that the life experiences he’s had in the last four years are more than he has experienced in the 14 years before Vi (even more so now that he’s going to Costa Rica in December as part of the Vi 25 Top Producers!).

Vi has also impacted his social life in that he’s frequently asked to speak to younger people in his community about health or entrepreneurship.

On Health

After a back injury during his time in the Marine Corps Boot Camp, Neil tipped the scales at 242 lbs—his heaviest. On March 3rd, 2012, he made the decision to make health his priority—“seven days a week, without fail.” He lost 35 lbs. and put on almost 20 lbs. of lean muscle.

On Finding His Home

Perhaps beyond the many ways that Vi has transformed Neil’s life is how he has finally found a home. “I’m honored to be a part of this mission, this culture,” he said. “It took me 15 years to find a home, and I’m honored to be with Vi. Vi for Life!”

Join us on the mission to help everyone to get healthy and wealthy by simply challenging them and help them to find their “WHY” at

We are waiting for hard working people that are not scared of earning big numbers (with six 0 and more)

*Results not typical. Achievement in rank depends upon many factors such as hard work, determination, financial resources and social contacts.


Can DIM help you to lose weight?

DIM (Di-indole Methane) / Promotes Beneficial Estrogen Metabolism in Men & Women

Ever wonder why you are told to eat your vegetables? One important reason is that cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbage contain a plant indole called Diindolylmethane (DIM). Natural occurring DIM promotes beneficial metabolism of estrogen. Unfortunately, to receive the full benefits that our DIM offers, you must eat large amounts of these vegetables. Fortunately, there is a option of supplementing with DIM.
DIM is an indole phytochemical that is a natural metabolite of components found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Supplementing with DIM can ensure metabolism of estrogen produces “friendly” 2-hydroxy estrogen metabolites and reduces “unfriendly” 16-hydroxy estrogen metabolites. Research shows that producing the “friendly” metabolites is the type of antioxidant activity that aids in weight loss, reduces menopausal symptoms, promotes healthy breast endometrial and cervical cells. This unique property sets DIM apart from other plant nutrients.
The aging process and exposure to toxins can change the way our body metabolizes estrogen. Western women generally have excessive estradiol and estrone levels, but deficient estriol levels. That is why it is so important to make sure your body is metabolizing it well. DIM is that solution.
This natural occurring plant indole is a must have for men and women over 40!
👩Benefits shown in women:
Healthy metabolism of estrogen, Anti-aging, healthier breast cells, weight loss, improved sex drive, improved metabolism, and balanced energy levels, all creating an anti-aging effect. 👨Benefits shown in men:
Healthy metabolism of estrogen, preservation of testosterone by blocking aromatase of converting testosterone into estrogen, improved lean body mass, improved sex drive, and more energy, all creating an anti-aging effect.

Stay fit B

Impossible does not exist! You need a good WHY!

Challenge Champion Kelvin Santana’s Weight-Loss Journey… in his Own Words

By ViSalus @visalus

Many of you may be familiar with Weight-Loss Champion Kelvin Santana’s heartbreaking story of how he realized he had to Challenge himself (and change his lifestyle)… for himself and his family.

“When I found out about ViSalus, it was right after I had an incident with my daughter,” Kelvin explains. “It was in that moment I realized the condition I was in—I was not going to be a good father for her. At least not physically and health wise, and who knows where I might be down the road.”

So when Kelvin accepted his Challenge Champion trophy and $5,000 check on stage, he made a moving tribute to his daughter, saying, “Baby, this is for you. Remember this. I did this for you. Any time you fall, I’m going to be there,” Kelvin said over the crowd’s cheers.

Kelvin, whose 117-lb. weight loss on the PROJECT 10™ Challenge has inspired him to make it into a lifestyle, has also inspired his supporters. “By me doing this journey, a lot of them have told me that I inspired them to actually want to change their health. That to me means more than anything,” Kelvin admitted.

Video Player by Kaltura

Inspired by his story? Your vote could help change somebody’s life! Help us determine the next Challenge Champions by voting every Sunday at! And remember to get to Vitality to see our newest Champions !


Why meal replacement shakes are good for you?

This article by Barbie Cervoni, RD, CDE, Type 2 Diabetes Expert, explain why meal replacement shakes work!

“Meal replacements are calorie and portion controlled beverages or food items, such as bars or shakes, that can be used as a substitution for food. The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states, “meal replacements containing a known energy and macronutrient are a useful strategy to eliminate problematic foods choices and/or complex meal planning while trying to achieve a 500 to 1,000 energy deficit.” This is the estimated amount of calories you would need to cut or burn to lose about 1/2 pound to 1 pound per week. The Academy’s weight loss position papers also report several studies that have shown equivalent or greater weight loss results when using meal replacements as opposed to reduced energy diet plans. Studies have also shown that those persons with Type 2 diabetes lose about 7 percent of their body weight in one year and consistently report medication reductions when using meal replacements. In these studies, though, people were still exercising, keeping food diaries and learning about nutritions.”

Now the question is which one is the best.
As we all know too much sugar in our diet is the main problem causing obesity and diabetes I found one shake that has no sugar!!!!

Check here
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